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  Mission Statement  

Austin's Mission Statement


The mission of Mary B. Austin is to engage all students through relevant, individualized instruction that empowers students to take ownership of their learning and gain the skills necessary to think creatively, critically and independently within a safe and encouraging learning environment.


The vision of Mary B. Austin is to develop life-long learners who graduate from high school prepared for future endeavors.

  About The School  

Austin Elementary

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Our Oak Tree, Old Ann



"Roots to Success"

Respect Ourselves and Other

Own our Learning                  

 Own Our Actions                     

 Treasure our Talents              

 Serve our Community            



Red and Navy


School Song


Your're a grand old school

You're the best of them all.

And together we all sing your praise.

You have brought us success and made us one

For learning in challenging ways.

Everyone feels true to the red and the blue

We know effort and honor's the rule;

As long as "Old Ann" stands so tall,

We'll be part of you, Austin School!

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