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Preparing for 3rd Quarter PBL
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Our Austin Innovators utilize the project-based learning instructional approach to meet standards by answering questions and/or solving relevant, real-world problems.  Our third quarter school-wide theme is "It's a Small World".  Each grade level is exploring global concepts and will integrate entrepreneurial skills into their PBL, which also ties together grade level science, social studies/civics, math, reading, language and writing standards. The "Driving Question" that propels each PBL opportunity is listed below by grade level.


Kindergarten: Driving Question: How can we move toward a world without hunger?

First:  Driving Question: How do consumers' choices impact supply and demand?


Second: Driving Question: What does it mean to work?

Third: Driving Question: How can we advertise or promote our national parks?

Fourth:  Driving Question: How did history affect innovation and how does innovation impact our future?


Fifth: Driving Question: How can we design a business to better the environment?


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