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Mary Alice Pouliot Staff Photo

5 years teaching Kindergarten 

5 years teaching 1st grade

1 year teaching K-2 Communication Lab & 4th grade E/LA

Currently developing and running a program for the Communication Lab for K-5


My name is Mary Alice Pouliot and I am excited to be your child's Communication Lab teacher!  Here is a little information about me.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Mitch Pouliot.  We currently have 4 children - Patrick, Sophia, Rosie, and baby Sylvia Joy.  We are Catholic and we LOVE GOD! :)  Mr. Pouliot and I attended McGill Toolen Catholic High School, and then the University of South Alabama.  Now, we're both teachers for MCPSS!

 I've always known that I would be a teacher.  Ever since I was in first grade myself, I felt like teaching was my calling.  I'm so grateful to be here at the amazing MBA!  Our PTA, Faculty/Staff, and most importantly, STUDENTS make our school truly exceptional.  This school year I'm excited to be planning a program for our Communication Lab!  I have exciting things in the works, and am looking forward to working with your children on developing these ideas and projects this year.  

If you want to know about my interests, here they are: I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, watching good movies (over and over again), and love growing closer to God.  I like chewing sweet mint Orbit gum, drinking milkshakes at my favorite restaurant "The Big Time Diner", and drawing with my children.  I like to pray, find and collect pretty seashells, eat delicious food, and sing along to Disney songs.  I'm pretty zany!

I am a very blessed lady, and I know it!  I thank God for the gift of teaching your children this year. :)

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